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Our seed garlic is hand selected for size and quality. These bulbs will be large jumbo size 2-3" in diameter.

Because garlic stores best in the climate it was grown. I will ship 2 weeks prior to your desired planting date.

Seed Garlic Varieties

Standard Purple Stripe Group:

Seed Garlic Sampler (Assortment) – Garlics that will grow in your climate. Or you can choose between,Mild,Medium or Strong flavor garlic.

german red garlicChesnok Red (Hardneck) – a beautiful standard Purple Stripe garlic with a rich mediumt flavor that becomes very sweet when baked.  Harvests in early summer – stores into mid-winter.


Belarus – Attractive purple stripe hardneck, delicious and one of the best tasting. Stores longer than other hardneck.

german giant garlicGerman Giant – A larger version of German Red.

German Red – a Rocambole that is prized for its deep rich musky, earthy garlickiness as well as a hot bite when eaten raw. Harvests in early summer – stores into winter.

Russian Red – Strong garlic flavor with a warm sweet aftertaste. Averages about 6 to 8 cloves per bulb.

Korean Red – A rich yet mellow Asiatic Garlic. Harvests VERY early in season – stores about 5-6 months.

Amish – This rocambole is said to be an Amish heirloom variety. It produces pink and brown striped bulbs. A rich flavor that is typically strong, hot and spicey.

german extra hardy seed garlicGerman Xtra Hardy – A porcelain hardneck variety. 4-6 large cloves with a hot, spicy flavor. Stores 6-9 months.

Music – (porcelain hardneck) a beautiful very long storing garlic with a very rich garlicky flavor that is only moderately hot when eaten raw but not overly hot.  Usually harvests in July and stores into mid-spring at room temp.

Romanian Red (Hardneck Porcelain) – Harvests in mid summer – stores into spring. Romanian Red is another beautiful Porcelain garlic with a rich garlicky flavor and is usually the hottest of all garlics when raw. These roman candles are hot!

Georgian Crystal – A porcelain hardneck variety. 4-5 large cloves with a mild smokey flavor. Stores 6-9 months.

asian tempest garlicAsian Tempest – Asiatic hardneck variety. 4-6 large cloves. This one is hot to bite. Stores 4-5 months. Harvest late spring.

metechi garlicMetechi – Marbled purple variety. "Great Bulbs of Fire". Stores 6-8 months.

siberianSiberian Red – Marbled purple stripe variety with 6-7 cloves. Medium flavor that stores 6-8 months.

Russian Tzan – A turban hardneck variety. 5-7 fat cloves. One of the earliest to harvest. Stores 4-5 months.Sold Out

Silver White – A silver skin softneck variety. 15-20 medium size cloves. An excellent braiding garlic. It will grow in most locations. Stores 6-9 months.

Nootka Rose – An heirloom silver skin softneck variety from Washington state. The best braiding garlic, stores longer than any other garlic.

If this is your first go with planting garlic, please click How Much Seed Garlic Do You Need To Buy? to get more information.

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