Planting Garlic In Your Region

Planting Garlic In your Zone

planting garlicProbably the most critical decision before planting garlic is deciding which variety will perform best in your climate. When trying to figure out what garlic to plant in your zone, keep these things in mind.

Seed garlic for planting: In general hardnecks prefer cold winter climates. Softnecks grow better in warm winter areas. For the harshest cold areas, Rocamboles, Purple Stripe and Porcelains are a good choice. Medium winter areas Porcelain, Marbled purple stripe and Silverkin softnecks. In warmer winter areas Artichoke softneck, Turbans and Creole types. Keep in mind this is just a guideline. Its best to grow some plots of several strains and decide from there.

The proper time to plant garlic is Autumn. Here in Oregon mid October through early November but ideally after you have experienced a couple of freezing nights and prior to the ground totally freezing solid. In the Deep South determining the proper time when your lowest temp for the Fall season is happening.

Garlic can be crowd planted. I prefer 6" between cloves in rows and 8 to 10" between rows. Preferably in beds of 3 to 6 rows per bed. Beds should be separated by enough space to walk through for doing tasks like weeding – 2 to 3'. This way you have ample room to work with weeding, irrigation, scapeing etc.

I plant the cloves approx. 4" deep so there is 2 to 3" of soil covering them. If you are in a warmer climate you can plant just deep enough so the cloves are covered well. After the planting is done it’s a good idea to put a layer of mulch over the beds. Grass clippings or compost work well for garlic. This gives you some winter protection along with moisture conservation and weed protection. We grow using sustainable farming practices to provide the highest quality garlic seed for sale.

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