How To Peel Garlic Fast, Simple & Snappy

How To Peel Garlic Cloves Without The Hassle & Mess:

We hand process 1,000's of pounds of garlic a year to create our wonderful garlic powder, infused oils and more so any time saving technique on how to peel garlic is mandatory!  After planting, growing, harvesting, hanging, drying and enjoying garlic for so many years, I can say that peeling garlic is NOT my favorite thing to do.  It is however, neccessary to create our pesto and other amazing garlic products

For all who love garlic and want to know how to peel garlic here is a simple technique that really works!

How to peel garlic using 2 metal bowls and a shimmy, shimmy, shake, shake…


  • More Tips On How To Peel Garlic:

    • Blanch in boiling water for approximately 20 seconds, then drop into icy cold water.  The skins will slip right through your fingers.
    • Place cloves in a glass of cool water for 30 minutes and the skins will come right off.
    • Using the old fashioned method, trim off the top and bottom of the clove and roll it between your fingers.
    • Trim off the bottom of the clove, place flat on your counter of cutting board, pop it with the flat end of a knife.
    • Purchase a garlic tube.  It's basically a flat piece of silicone.  Wrap the cloves in the tube and roll it on the counter a few times.

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