How To Make Garlic Powder

If you grow garlic you know it wont store forever. Making dehydrated garlic powder is a good way to preserve your garlic. It will then store for yrs and it is very versatile for cooking.


Making garlic powder is not that difficult and you will love cooking with it!  What you will need is a food processor, dehydrator and garlic bulbs or cloves and a blender.
Take bulbs of garlic and break out into cloves. Some folks peel the clove wrappers off. I do not its very time consuming and not necessary. Commercial garlic powder they put stalks wrappers and all in which dilutes the flavor significantly.
Put garlic cloves in food processer and slice into small pieces. Then lay out on racks not stacked to thick just cover the racks. I set mine at 140 deg F for 24 hrs. This should dry the garlic to a brittle consistency.
Then put in blender not to full 1/3 to 1/2. Here you con choose to make powder or more like granulated garlic. Set on low to medium speed for granules or higher for powder. Then you can store the powder in air tight containers and store for later use.
You will find this garlic will be 3 to 4 times stronger than your store bought with a much more robust flavor. It will store for 1 plus yrs in this state.

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