What You Do After Garlic Sprouting

Garlic Sprouts Then What?

You've taken good care to plant your garlic and now it's sprouting!  When spring time comes garlic emerges through the ground and the plants begin to grow. That's when you need to begin touring your garlic to decide which tasks needs to be done and when. For me that usually is cultivating the ground to loosen the soil and eliminate any weeds that are present. Garlic does not like competition so keeping the weeds out is very important!

This is also the time to feed the garlic with nutrients to enhance plant growth. Compost teas, manures etc. should be applied through out the spring up until the final stages of growth prior to bulb formation. Over fertilization is not good as it will effect storage life of the garlic bulbs. Probably the best thing you can do is a soil test prior to planting to find a basis for fertility.

Some regions require irrigation others have ample spring rain to meet the growing needs. In a nutshell you don't want the garlic to stress from lack of moisture. So if you are not getting enough rainfall you probably need to irrigate on a week by week basis. If its hot and dry add enough water to wet the soil down to 1 foot depth. But in the final week of bulb formation you should halt the irrigation. On hardneck varieties this would be approx. 2 weeks after the garlic has set scapes. If in doubt dig a few plants to see if the formation of cloves has began. If so its time for the plant to dry down prior to harvest.

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